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    Folks - I am aware that everyone of us want to wish our GURU on this teachers day and this thread can be platform to pour in your best wishes to him instead of bombarding his mobile. You may get a little bit creative and wish him here.


    rvsrao you are so proactive! Thanks for this and everything else that you've been doing on this community. I have a request, can u please upload ur profile pic so I can put a face to this second mentor that we have on our community. #curious


      Dear Ajit Sir,
      Wish you a very happy Teachers Day! I'm lucky to have found you and grateful for this community that you've built. My life has literally changed after LPAT and I cannot thank you enough. May this community reach unfathomable heights coz there are a lot of people out there who need a mentor like you. Thanks again. Looking forward to meet you in person in the near future.


        Hi Ajit Sir,

        Happy Teacher Day

        I wish you a very Happy Teacher Day,

        It is an amazing journey for me. You change my view on doing trading—Big Thanks to you.


          Our life revolves around its four prongs: 1. Dharma: righteousness, 2. Arth: economy, 3. Kaam: desires, and ultimately 4 Moksha: liberation. All these four, though apparently separate, are closely intermingled. Any one who guides us along these becomes an object of our respect and reverance. Human nature is fundamentally grateful. Whenever we find someone in life who has by some sort of his experience and expertise left an impression in our mind, we fondly think of him and do him an honor by placing him in the sacred store of our memories.

          Right from our kindergarten to the latest academic point, we are blessed with a range of persons who have made the journey easier and more worth while. But, a time comes when we find ourselves "settled" and "stable". Mind becomes too jaded to be taken in by the new. At such a critical juncture, we once more are in the presence of someone who has once more started making us feel curious about things as in the old days. There are types of vocational training which call for developing a skill which is an instrument for earning. But here we are straight away learning something which has a direct bearing on the capital. And for that very reason, the gravity of the whole matter becomes heightened. Ajit enters at this important stage in our life. He is connected with the second in that set of four. Even a little messing up with any of the four makes us pay dearly, the four being closely interrelated. We will hang on every word he speaks, adhere to every method he propounds and replicate his example. Ya, Ajit! We promise that. And I am sure this is the only Gurudakshina that will make you happiy!

          In the journey, we also find comrades who assume the role of guides. I have found one such in Soni. It was she who helped me overcome my initial doubts and reservations and made me feel at home. The story is a little to long to accomodate here and any hasty attempt at abridgement may do it injustice. Suffice it to say that she has been a sister to me. Often I approached her with what may be plainly put as stupid questions. Yet she would give it a patient attention and help me see it in the right light. Freshers are often troubled with a great mass of confusion and they seldom find a proper outlet to pour it out and set it right. But comrades like Soni make it easier and more fruitful. I see a similar echo in what Deepthi Krishna said of RVS in this thread itself. I also find many other members whose heart are filled with such a gratitude for these Good Samaritans. Come on friends! Speak out! And Pour out! And yes, RVS, I do agree with Deepthi Krishna about 'putting a face to mentor'. The photograph does matter. I owe it to Soni that I uploaded mine. I am going to replace it with a clearer one shortly. There is no harm in us become visible to our friends in a community which is one of the most professional in the world!

          My pranam to Ajit and respect to seniors!



            Dear Sir,

            I feel joyous today and grateful to be your student in this journey of learning and sharing the knowledge.

            I would like to thank you and all members. Thanking you for inspiring and guiding us.

            Seeking your blessings !!

            Braj Bhushan


              They say ... " You dont find your Guru, your Guru finds you" - If your destined for some life changing knowledge then at the right time the Guru will come. There could'nt have been a more apt occurrence to validate this beautiful aspect than the time that I received an intimation 2 yrs ago that Ajit sir is starting something new. I thanked my stars and him that day back then.. and I continue to thank them today. Somewhere between trying to catch the bees (stock prices) to waiting for them to fall into our traps (planned set ups) , we have arrived and surely all the members of our dear LPAT community will. We owe you one and many more dear Ajit sir. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!

              With sincere regards,


                It is great to be "inspired",.. But do you think Olympians become Olympians through inspiration alone? No. If you want to create your next level of success - whether that means shattering a world records, starting a world record, starting your own business, or a new career or anything else - it also takes hard work and one other key piece- it takes the right mentor and coach to help you get there.

                ​​​​​​The right coach can shave years off your learning curve and unlock levels of performance that you would never reach on your own to boost results n every area of life..

                Ajit you have been this mentor and coach to me. From being a novice trader, to reaching a decent mastery of price action trading, I owe it to you Ajit. I am so happy and blessed to have found you as my mentor. From OTA days I have been inspired by your commitment, persistence and mastery of trading, and have always wanted to become a trader like you. In the last 2 years, at LPAT, I have improved my trading skills, thanks to your excellent mentoring and this amazing community - your dream project. I like your ideology that I will teach to fish for a lifetime, and not give you fish. I have always believed in that too and put my hardwork for that. . Ajit, you are an amazing trader, coach, mentor and friend.

                Happy Teachers day Ajit. God bless you always.




                  Thanks a lot Soni for this message. This message is a testimonial of Ajit's mentorship and also motivation for new comers like me.

                  Wish you a happy teachers day to Ajit and other senior members in this group.



                    Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru, no one can cross over - Guru Nanak Dev Ji

                    Happy Teachers day Ajit Sir!

                    You are the inspiration who made me overcome every hurdle in the stock market. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.
                    I believe that under your guidance I will be a successful trader one day and will be able to help others to achieve their dreams.

                    You are a astonishing teacher, i always amaze to see your dedication and you never get tired to explain queries on chart to all team members.
                    We are really lucky that we have you as mentor.

                    Stay Blessed.
                    Warm Regards
                    Rasprrit Banga


                      “The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.” - Dan Rather.

                      Sir, for me the dream started with your core strategy class in OTA and has continued on from there. As they say “Journey of 1000 miles starts with first step”, it was the first step for me . From a novice trader to attaining decent understanding of price action , I have come a long way after joining LPAT about a year back.

                      For a learning trader, it is always a comforting factor to know that we are moving on the right path with correct guidance. Not only the strategy but the entire community that you have built around idea of one team is phenomenal. I don’t have any doubt that we will achieve great success under your tutelage. Thank You for being the mentor, teacher and a great inspiration for us . Wish you and the entire community a very happy Teacher’s Day.

                      “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” - Margaret Mead




                        Hi sir,
                        I came across LPAT by chance while watching some youtube videos and there was something about LPAT that really caught my attention from all the other courses available online. Your hardwork, dedication, patience and perseverance over the years is clearly visible in such a concise and beautifully organised course for skilled and newcomers alike. LPAT exudes a vibe unlike any other.

                        Wishing you a very Happy Teachers day! I have so much more to learn from you and hope to grasp as much knowledge from you.

                        Kind Regards,
                        Shiv Nikam


                          2G 3G 4G
                          5G 6G पण येईल
                          पण आम्हाला घडविण्यासाठी
                          शिवाय पर्याय नाही....

                          माझ्या जीवनाची प्रेरणा आहे,
                          तुम्हीच माझे मार्गदर्शक आहात.
                          तुम्हीच माझ्या
                          जीवनाचा प्रकाशस्तंभ आहात....

                          आम्हाला घडवण्यासाठी जी कठोर मेहनत
                          आणि प्रयत्न तुम्ही केले त्याबद्दल
                          आम्ही तुमचे सदैव ऋृणी राहू.

                          🌷हॅपी टीचर्स डे.🌷


                            Thank you all for sending me best wishes on Teacher’s Day and making me feel so special…. I find myself extremely fortunate to be associated with beautiful people like you all.
                            With students like you, I always get inspired to excel on my part further to help you achieve your aspirations ….. Thanks for such lovely Teacher’s Day message.

                            rvsrao ... Once again you dont stop to delight me with such thoughts. Appreciate your gesture.



                              Hi Ajit Sir ,

                              I was lucky to have a mentor as wonderful as you. I wish you a Teacher's Day filled with moments of joy!

                              thank you